Keep It Simple!

Keep It Simple!

Over 70% of the world is overweight or obese, and the other 20% have food disorders? Technology & fast food are helping to push the 70% of overweight people into this epidemic, alongside social media doing a great job of pushing the other 20% into food disorders. Not everyone has the genetics to look buffed and no matter how much face cream and beauty products I use I will never look like Justin Bieber.  Maybe we could be a little healthier but this starts from the inside out not the outside in.

There are so many diets to choose from, but do Diets really work? My question is, why is the world so overweight? The world has changed, technology has stopped us from moving, and we have increased our fast food has intake since the 80s.  Social media now influences body image in a distorted unrealistic way.


My Suggestion in being a little healthier is… Keep It Simple;

Step 1. Eat 2/3 of whole foods and 1/3 processed foods.  

Step 2. Strength train at least once a week with compound functional exercise for bone density and muscle restoration.

Step 3. Do a minimum of 100mins a week of some sort of cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy doing.


Remember men, keeping your waistline under 34 inches and women keep yours at 30 inches as this will help lessen your risk of heart diseases!


Moreover, something to keep in mind, fructose which all fast foods are made of is very addictive, so enjoy in small amounts.  Living a healthy life starts by allowing yourself the freedom to not be controlled by external influences. Be the best you!!  

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