Leisha Ervin Training with RQ

Leisha Ervin Training with RQ

What's the best thing about working with RQ:

Working with RQ has been one of the best decisions I have ever made concerning my overall health and training. Being a type 1 diabetic throws curve balls throughout the day to day life, along with comp prep. RQ has helped me understand my body and the disease that I live with on a much deeper level, which has helped my health in leaps and bounds. I have a much clearer understanding of my body and predicting how it will react to different styles of training and nutrition.


What was it like Training with RQ

Training has always been something I have loved, however, the RQ has helped me break down training into block periods, which helps shock the body and keeps training interesting.

What have you been able to achieve since Training with RQ 

My overall strength has increased and continues to do so from week to week. It has also helped increase my cardiovascular intensity and stamina I currently feel the strongest, fittest and leanest I have in years! My moods and energy levels are at an all-time high, and I am motivated to continue this growth with RQ!!

What is the main reason you recommend RQ:

I would highly recommend RQ knowledge and experience to anybody who is looking to improve their overall health and or looking to step on stage! The ongoing support along with the fully customized training and nutrition plans are a credit to him. RQ genuinely cares for everybody he works with and encourages you to push to the next level, and continue with ongoing improvements. It is hard to find a mentor like RQ in this industry who holds so much knowledge and shows the passion for what he does!

RQ is your ‘one-stop-shop’

Supplements are also available through his RQ Supplement branded range including WPI Protein powders, & Vegan Protein Powders all natural products and Australian made. RQ has educated me to understand supplements work the best before, through and after your workouts. 


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