Whey Protein for Explosive Growth:

Whey Protein for Explosive Growth:

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share with you my recommendation of what’s Supplements will help you achieve results! 

1. Whey Protein
As a foundation for muscle gains, Whey protein is the best-absorbed form of Protein. Whey Protein is often used specifically post-workout, and with meals to round out one's protein balance. It has a high biological value and is extremely convenient to take.

While protein obtained from food sources can provide more sustained protein levels (especially prior to bed to offset the fasting period that usually occurs during sleep), whey is rapidly shuttled into the muscles where it can exert its powerful anabolic effects.

I usually use whey protein twice a day - directly after training and first thing in the morning with breakfast to ensure rapid uptake of protein to restore the drop in nitrogen levels from the previous night's sleeping/fasting state.
It is worth noting here that to fully preclude this 8-10 hour fast one would need to wake once or twice throughout the night to consume protein. Thus, taking protein immediately upon waking is essential, and whey is, in my experience, the best form to take at this time.


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