There Is No Perfect Diet for Everyone

There Is No Perfect Diet for Everyone

Fridays Nutrition Facts That Everyone Should ponder on!
Each Friday I will share a thought on nutrition. With my goal being to help people have a better relationship with food...

There Is No Perfect Diet for Everyone

People are all unique. Subtle differences in genetics, body type, physical activity, and environment can affect which type of diet you should follow.
Some people do best on a low carb diet while others are better off on a vegetarian high-carb diet.
The fact is, what works for one person may not work for the next.
To figure out what you should do, a little experimentation may be needed.
Try a few different things until you find something that you enjoy and think you can stick to. Different strokes for different folks!


The best diet for you is the one that works for you and you can stick to in the long term...

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