Why You Should Train With Rob Quatro

Why You Should Train With Rob Quatro

Let me introduce myself; my name is Rob, and I have been training for three decades. I have competed in 23 bodybuilding competitions and won my World Bodybuilding Title as a Master.

The hardest challenge I have taken on in my fitness journey is being a professional boxer at age 37. I lost both fights but losing became my most significant victory. "If you are not big enough to fail, you are no more sufficient to win."

Boxing gave me a new passion for bodybuilding to train and push myself harder than I ever have. To push past mental lies and battles that come and tell us we can't, we won't, why try! In 2014 I won my Body Building World title in Vegas at age 44.

I would love to explain my three photos above.

In the first picture, I was 25 years old. I thought I would have a crack at modelling but then realised you had to be good looking for that career so that soon came to an end. It was my starting point as a bodybuilder, unlike today, we did not take selfies in the gym.

The second picture is when I was competing at 48 years old and had been dieting for 15 weeks of comp prep. Looking tanned and shredded was the goal for comp day only.

And the last picture is me now approaching 50, no tan or dehydrating, no cutting carbs or photoshop. This is the real me how I look day in and day out.

Coaching people, young and old, is all about consistency! Helping people understand a healthy life starts from the inside out, enjoying each day, being kind to yourself in thoughts, and making realistic goals are critical to success.

World statistics show that 70% of people are overweight. 20% of people have food disorders. 1% is anorexia. 1% have bulimia, and another 18% of people and rising are starving themselves to look good on social media.

With over 30 years of experience working in the health and fitness industry, I am confident that I can help you smash your health and fitness goals for 2020!

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