Meet Rob


I've been in the health and fitness industry for decades, and I can confidently tell you that the right supplements do work. They aren't magic and won't make you lose weight or get huge gains over night, however if you're serious about your nutrition and training then the addition of the correct supplements will most definitely help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

I've taken supplements throughout my bodybuilding journey and I wanted to bring a brand of supplements to the market that consumers could trust. Don't get me wrong, these supplements are not just for those looking to build muscle either. They are also fantastic for suppressing hunger, lowering cholesterol and generally fleshing out your diet with more nutrients.

All the ingredients in RQ Supplements have a purpose and are simple, hence our catch phrase 'Supplements Made Simple.' All ingredients are of the highest quality and each supplement is an SQF certified and Australian made product.

A lot of love and time have gone into these formulas, so I hope you enjoy RQ Supplements as much as I do. 

Rob Quatro