Meet Rob


I've been in the health and fitness industry for decades, and I can confidently tell you that the right supplements do work. They aren't magic and won't make you lose weight or get huge gains over night, however if you're serious about your nutrition and training then the addition of the correct supplements will most definitely help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

I've taken supplements throughout my bodybuilding journey and I wanted to bring a brand of supplements to the market that consumers could trust. Don't get me wrong, these supplements are not just for those looking to build muscle either. They are also fantastic for suppressing hunger, lowering cholesterol and generally fleshing out your diet with more nutrients.

All the ingredients in RQ Supplements have a purpose and are simple, hence our catch phrase 'Supplements Made Simple.' All ingredients are of the highest quality and each supplement is an SQF certified and Australian made product.

A lot of love and time have gone into these formulas, so I hope you enjoy RQ Supplements as much as I do. 

Rob Quatro


Rob Quatro is a World Champion Masters bodybuilder with over 20 years experience competing at the highest levels in bodybuilding. Winning the world title in Las Vegas aged 44, was one of the great highlights of Rob's journey.
Rob was born in Canberra in 1970 to an Italian family who emigrated to Australia to begin their new life. At 15, Rob lost his father suddenly, causing a negative spiral into drugs, alcohol and an out-of-control life.
By the age of 17, a friend of Rob's introduced him to bodybuilding which instigated a turnaround in his life. This new life came with doubters who said he would never be good enough or big enough to win bodybuilding comps. However, his commitment to being the hardest worker in the gym, along with a slow, steady and consistent mindset for achieving goals one by one, saw his dreams come true.
Rob is married to Heidi and has three beautiful children. Rob's primary passion is helping people make the right choices to live a long and healthy life. His faith in grace has helped him to believe he can achieve the impossible.  He is genuinely interested in people, always positive and the ultimate motivator. Rob knows what it takes to attain fitness and lifestyle goals and is committed to making them possible in your life.
Over the years Rob has won a host of National and International titles in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Rob was also heavily involved in professional boxing both as a contender and trainer to world-ranked athletes.
Body Building
1993 IFBB 3rd Under 70kg National Capital
1994 IFBB 1st Under 70kg National Capital
1994 IFBB 3rd Novice National Capital
1995 IFBB 1st Under 80kg National Capital
1995 IFBB 1st Under 80kg South Coast Championships
1996 IFBB 3rd under 80kg Western Suburbs Championships
1996 IFBB 4th Under 80kg Australasia Championships
1997 NABBA 1st Place Men, Class 3 Australia's Best
2013 ANB 4th Place Masters Queensland Titles
2014 Australia Natural Bodz Asia Pacific 4th Place Masters Champion
2014 Musclemania Australia Champion 1st Place Masters Bodybuilder
2014 ANB 2nd Place Master Queensland Titles
2014 Musclemania World Champion 1st Place Masters Bodybuilder
2015 Musclemania Worlds 4th Place Masters Bodybuilder
2016 Australia Natural Bodz Asia Pacific 1st Place Masters Champion  
2016 Australia Natural Bodz Asia Pacific 2nd Place Pro league 
2016 Musclemania Australia Champion 1st Place Masters Bodybuilder
2017 IFBB Arnold Qualifier 1st Place Masters QLD Champion 
2017 Arnold Classic Australia 6th Place Masters
2018 NPC QLD Arnold Qualifier 3rd Place Masters
2018 Arnold Classic Australia 2nd Place Masters
2019 NPC QLD Arnold Qualifier 2rd Place Masters
2019 Arnold Classic Australia 4th Place Masters
Pro Boxer
2006 All Class Boxing Fox Sports
2006 Royal Pines Rumble Gold Coast
1992 ACT 1st Under 75kg
1993 ACT 1st Under 75kg
1994 ACT 1st Under 75kg